Patient Testimonials

Alaska Surgical Oncology helps Eunice avoid an unnecessary mastectomy.

After noticing a small blood spot near her breast, Eunice decided she needed to see a doctor. A 3D Mammogram discovered a small tumor in her breast, about the size of a grain of rice. She was diagnosed with a Stage 1 Breast Cancer and the oncologist recommended a mastectomy. In an attempt to avoid an unnecessary mastectomy, Eunice got a second opinion from Dr. Charles Portera at the Alaska Surgical Oncology Breast Center. Dr. Portera was able to save her breast and now Eunice is cancer free!

Julie’s Breast Cancer Story – Alaska Surgical Oncology

As a former oncology nurse, Julie knew first hand the seriousness of a breast cancer diagnosis. She also knew the importance of finding the highest trained surgical Oncologist possible. Working closely with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Portera of Alaska Surgical Oncology was able to remove the breast cancer while maintaining the look of a healthy breast – all in one surgical process.

“Dr. Portera, his PA, & all of his staff are amazing! He is the best Oncologist Surgeon in Alaska, we are very blessed to have him!”
— Cynthia
“Dr. Portera delivers world class medical care in a relaxed, confident and thorough manner. I would recommend Dr. Portera to anyone as being one of the best surgeons in Alaska.”
— William
“Dr. Portera is awesome… He has a great personality that put me at ease… In my opinion, he is the best around!”
— Mary

“A very kind, excellent surgeon. I wish all doctors were like him.”

— Scarley
“Dr. Portera is the best ! Cancer surgery is never an easy thing to face – but Dr. Portera’s professionalism his genuine caring and personal attention made us feel at ease, knowing that we were in good hands.”
— Mike
“Dr. Portera was kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and just naturally trustworthy. I believe Dr. Portera saved my life and thank God that a surgeon like him chose to live and practice in Alaska.”
— Robin
“Dr Portera is a life saver… He really cares about helping his patients to achieve the best results.”
— Charles

“Very professional and excellent bedside manner. Confidence inspiring!”

— Roland

The Healthquest Guidebook

As a community service, we have produced a free guidebook on how to detect and prevent common cancers, and when you need to have screenings with your family physician.

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